How long does your water stay alkaline?

The short answer…a long time. If you want to fill a bottle and take it to work, or give some to a loved one to drink over a couple days time, you’ll be just fine.

A better answer takes a little time to explain.  

This question typically stems from a framework set by the electric ionizer companies and/or their reps. Electrolysis acts like a turbo charge and quickly elevates pH to extreme levels. Levels not completely supported by the mineral concentration in the water.  Therefore it also crashes quickly. 

As a result, ionizer reps really push the need to get your own system to avoid that quick decline in pH.  

It’s a case of giving good advice (you do want to drink it fresh), but for the wrong reason.  

Naturally created alkaline water can maintain pH levels for months.  Which is one of the reasons you see a growing number of bottled varieties showing up in stores around the country.  Obviously awareness of the benefits of alkaline water is growing, but it also proves pH levels can be sustained for long periods.  

With that said, the reason for choosing an alkaline water created as fresh as possible is not for pH levels.  It’s for the other properties that we’ll discuss in future posts. Our pH levels can last for months.  But that doesn’t really matter in the larger sense.  Just drink it as fresh as possible.

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