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• Provide your customers with the best mineral filter in the industry

• Reliable performance and highest safety standards

• 2 options: high pH balanced minerals, or lower pH and with added Coral Calcium 

• Over a decade of technical experience should you need some installation guidance

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Food Grade Magnesium

Magnesium is one of the 6 essential macrominerals. These 6 minerals comprise 99% of the body’s mineral content and play a role in nearly countless aspects of our overall health. The significance of Magnesium can’t be overstated. It is involved in everything from bone strength, heart health, energy production, nerve function, stress/anxiety management to diabetes prevention.

Eco-safe Coral Calcium

Instead of cheap and unhealthy versions, we use an incredibly unique version of eco-safe, above the sea Coral calcium. It reacts slowly and consistently, it doesn’t elevate the pH too much, it’s a more robust blend of minerals (typically 70+ of them) and it’s all natural. Nothing made in the lab.

Far-Infrared and Tourmaline

These aren’t as commonly understood as Magnesium and Calcium, but wow did they make a difference during our testing. They helped with flavor, the softness and feel of the water and how easy it was to drink. The science is difficult to explain, but the improvement they provided was noticeable.

Alkaline and Calcium

We have options to suit all of your customer needs.


Complete RO Remineralization
Pure Mg, EcoSafe coral Ca, and 70+ trace minerals
Natural alkalinity and hydrogen antioxidants
Universal inline compatibility with all RO systems


Balanced RO Remineralization
EcoSafe coral Ca, pure Mg, and 70+ trace minerals
pH balanced + hydrogen antioxidants
Universal inline compatibility with all RO systems

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Vitev began in 2010. We’re a small business who understands how important a reputation is. This is our brand… we created the products. We drink the water and our kids have grown up around the warehouse. It’s a family business. Like you, our success is built upon honesty and customer relationships.

12 years of experience means we have products that work and the expertise to help you solve your customers needs. We may not be the perfect solution for everyone and that's OK, but for the ones we serve - you bet we do everything it takes to make it work.

Questions? Call us. Anyone you speak with is knowledgeable of both our products and how they might integrate into your business.

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