Fluoride & Water Filters

Do your systems remove Fluoride?

An unfortunate reality

Fluoride is an emotional and controversial topic. Many want it out of their water and many others think it adds valuable benefits. We aren't going to wade into that discussion at this time. Our initial desire and plan when we started Vitev was to offer choices for each party. During the development of those options, we were introduced to a few concepts not well known and definitely not discussed by water filter or alkaline water companies.

Please spend 5 minutes watching this overview. If you can't or prefer to read, scroll below and read the main themes. You'll also find some of the source documents down there as well


Main themes and sources

1. Activated alumina (AA) and bone char, the 2 most popular filter medias, are not effective when the pH or the water being filtered is above 6.5. Unfortunately, our household water in 99.9% of cases is above 7.0. Sometimes much above.

Water Quality Association

Scientist who patented Activated Alumina

EPA Fluoride Removal

2. Filters need a lot of AA and/or bone char to be effective for very long. More than you will find in a typical household water filter.

3. Effective filtration requires a long "soak time" to allow the AA to absorb the fluoride. Much longer than you will want to wait with a flow through filter.

4. AA needs to be flushed and recharged to maintain effectiveness. Impossible with a countertop or undersink application.

5. The only household applications where you can be assured of 95%+ fluoride removal are reverse osmosis and distillation.

6. Many tests shown by fluoride filter companies are either for a very short period of filter usage, were tested using a custom made solution in small quantities, or don't indicate what the pH of the tested solution was.

7. Our MAXX system does eliminate fluoride and is our #1 recommendation for those who want it out of their water. If that option is not possible for you, then we recommend purchasing reverse osmosis water from a local retailer (usually about $1/gallon) and pouring it into our Pitcher.

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