Vitev is expanding to Asia

Over the summer and fall, we worked closely with a group based in Hong Kong.  They contacted us because of a growing interest in both clean water (many places in Asia are absolutely horrible) as well as alkaline water.

After several months of testing, we solidified an agreement and began customizing our MAXX system for deployment across Asia.  Different connectors, low pressure pumps, smaller tank options, etc.

Those first systems arrived in Hong Kong a little over a month ago and are now being installed with great success across Hong Kong.  Additional shipments are now being readied for a couple of additional locations across Asia to ensure requests from the most popular places can be fulfilled quickly.  More locations will be added, as well as more system choices (right now it’s just the reverse osmosis variety) as Vitev Asia grow, but for now, we just wanted to let you know our footprint is expanding and we are humbled by the opportunity to add them along side our European partners.

If you are interested in more information let us know, or would like to contact them directly, just click the drop down link on our home page.

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