Water Ionizer Guide

If you have found that searching for a water ionizer has left you frustrated and confused, you are not alone. It seems like every company claims to be the best and many go out of their way to bash their competition. How can you possibly get a good feeling about any of them?

You are also faced with the “quack watcher” types and those who market other types of water filtration products who claim that it is impossible to ionize water. What is troubling is that nobody in the water ionizer industry makes an effort to explain how and why water ionizers work so that people can feel confident in buying a water ionizer.

Finally, for most of us, there is always that nagging question at the back of your mind: “Why are such simple machines so expensive?” There is no need for the process to be confusing because the answers are really quite simple.

How water becomes ionized How your body can become more alkaline over time Things you should know before buying Which Product is Best for You?

How water becomes ionized

There are two kinds of water ionizers: electric and natural. Both types of systems infuse the water with energy by producing free hydrogen. The water will help you become more alkaline over time and act as a powerful antioxidant that will neutralize free radicals. Natural water ionizers will also add essential elements such as Magnesium and Calcium that are vital to your health.

When you read comments about water ionizers being a scam, the authors may mean well, but they haven’t done their homework. It is true that pure water can’t be ionized, but it is also true that alkali elements in the water can be ionized. The hydrogen that is liberated in the ionization process becomes a source of pure and healthy energy for your body.

Electric water ionizers concentrate the alkali elements available in your source water at a negatively charged point anode on their electrical plates and then direct them to the drinking rod. Natural water ionizers simply add alkali elements. It is the reaction of water molecules combining with energy donating alkali elements such as Magnesium and Calcium that creates ionization.

How your body can become more alkaline over time

Despite what you might read on the internet, you can alter the pH of your body fluids over time. While the body has mechanisms to keep everything in equilibrium, it is a well documented medical fact that an acidic diet leads to your body becoming more acidic over time. It only stands to reason that if your body can become more acidic with the consumption of unhealthy acidic foods and drinks, it can also become less acidic or even alkaline with a different dietary strategy. There have been many scientific studies conducted (which can be seen on the American National Institute of Health website www.pubmed.com) which confirm that drinking alkaline water can and does make your body more alkaline over time.

The naysayers argue that your stomach is acidic and will neutralize alkaline food or water. They are correct, but they are only giving you one half of the scientific equation. When the cells in the walls of your stomach create HCl (hydrochloric acid) to facilitate the breakdown of food, they also create alkaline bicarbonates as a by-product of the balancing half of the scientific equation.” You can’t create an acidic reaction without also creating an alkaline reaction.

The alkaline bicarbonates enter your intestines at an alkaline pH level of approximately 8.2. Your body requires it to be ”just so” in order to function properly. When your diet includes unhealthy acidic food and liquids, the cells in the stomach wall will not be required to produce as much acid, which means that you are not producing the bicarbonates that your body needs.

Your stomach doesn’t know the difference between healthy alkaline food and healthy alkaline water when it comes to the acid/alkaline balance in your body. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that drinking alkaline water will produce the same healthy results that make you look and feel younger.

Things you should know before buying

The goal should always be to drink “clean” (contaminants removed) and “healthy” (full of energy) water. Water ionizer systems vary widely in their capability to deal with both the “clean” and “healthy” sides of the equation.

Before spending money on any system, we think you should be aware of these important considerations:

Source Water: The most important factor in determining the right machine for your needs is to be aware of your source water conditions.

Types of Water Ionizers:
There are two kinds of water ionizers: electric and natural. They both work in terms of providing energy rich “healthy” water by means of creating free hydrogen.

Making Water “Healthy”:
Healthy water contains alkali elements such as Calcium “Ca” and Magnesium “Mg”. The presence of Ca and Mg in water serves two important purposes. When water comes in contact with Ca or Mg, a chemical reaction takes place that releases free hydrogen which is an energy source that that our bodies utilize. Scientific studies found on the National Institute of Health website (www.pubmed.com) and from the World Health Organization “WHO” show that the ideal drinking water contains optimal ranges of concentrations of Ca and Mg. Natural water ionizers add Ca and Mg to the water (the best ones add the amount recommended by the WHO). Electric water ionizers concentrate whatever Ca and Mg happen to be available in the source water to the drinking rod.

Making Water “Clean”:
Reverse Osmosis “RO” systems are by far the most cost effective means of removing contaminants from water water. Unfortunately, RO systems also eliminate the presence of Calcium and Magnesium required to ionize water. According to the World Health Organization, long term consumption of demineralized “RO” water is very unhealthy. Water ionizers vary widely in their ability to “clean” water. Water ionizer companies typically gloss over or ignore this important function but you should not make the same mistake.

RO machines that utilize carefully formulated bioceramic remineralization filters produce the best results in terms of both "clean" and "healthy" water. Once the membrane cleans the water, the use of bioceramics allows for the controlled release of Calcium and Magnesium that matches the optimal levels recommended for healthy drinking water by the World Health Organization.

Calcite & Corosex Filters:
In the face of overwhelming evidence that long term consumption of demineralized water is detrimental to your health, RO companies are beginning to offer low cost (Calcite and Corosex) remineralization solutions to produce alkaline water. Calcite and Corosex filters were never designed to work with the aggressive nature of the acidic water produced by RO systems. Acidic water chews through Calcite and Corosex much faster than the slightly alkaline tap water that the filters were designed to be used with. The excess amount of calcium or magnesium being introduced into the water by the low cost filters is believed to result in the formation of kidney stones.

Which Product is Best for You?

We have designed our line of products to serve different source water conditions and personal needs. Thank you for allowing us to present you with our recommendations:

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