Test Results


We recently had Pace Labs run our mineral blend through a series of soak tests. Using the most stringent standards we could find ( California Prop 65), Pace took a sample of deionized water and added our blend of minerals. Just like what goes into every one of our filters. After adding the minerals, they let them soak for 6 hours. A much longer contact time with water than we encounter in everyday use. It was also a very aggressive water, meaning very effectively dissolves the components from the minerals.

Below are the results of the tests. Three things to quickly point out.

1. The top half (influent) is the de-ionized water. It provides the baseline to compare with. The bottom half is what the water contained after soaking.

2. You'll notice a couple of handwritten columns. We added them to convert the testing standard units to a more familiar parts per million (PPM). This then gives a better comparison to the EPA standards, also added.

3. In all cases, we are below the EPA limits by at least a factor of 10. In many cases, much more than that. Even after letting the minerals steep for 6 hours.

CA Prop 65 Safety Analysis

Molecular Hydrogen

Results of independent testing by Dynamic Hydration confirm that Vitev’s mineral based alkaline water filters generate therapeutic and long-lasting levels of molecular hydrogen, providing consumers with a multitude of associated health benefits: