Why is your REMIN more expensive than others I’ve seen?

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a growing interest from reverse osmosis users who want an alkaline water. They’ve begun to realize that in an effort to eliminate the bad, they’ve also been drinking a water void of the good as well.  

So they want to put the minerals back in.

The market has responded to this need with a flood of “alkaline” or “remineralizing” cartridges.  Huge companies like Culligan, Rainsoft, etc have jumped in because their customers are asking for a solution.  

Not because they believe in the benefits of the water or know anything about it, but because there are sales opportunities.  

As you go down a tier, there are a lot of mid-sized RO companies also looking for a solution and many of them have contacted us.  We even had one ask if we had fluoride cartridges.  Not to remove fluoride, but to ADD IT BACK IN! We’ve gotten a lot of crazy questions over the years, but that one made our eyes bleed.  

So what’s the point of all this? 

We are often asked why our REMIN is more expensive than the $79 versions available many places online.  The short answer is that those cartridges are only interested in bumping the pH a little bit.  That’s it.  They don’t address ionization and they don’t help with the hydration qualities.  

Most of them are full of calcium powders, usually a combo of
calcite and corosex.  Powders which deplete very quickly and produce a very uneven distribution of calcium and resultant pH.  There are no other minerals provided.  There are no antioxidant qualities imparted.  What you end up with is a clean, low alkaline, oxidating, non-hydrating water.   

We believe you need a better more complete water.  Instead of comparing the REMIN to a cheap calcium cartridge it needs to be compared to a multi-thousand dollar ionizer.  One that improves not only the pH, but also ORP, free hydrogen levels and hydration capability.

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