Why Vitev Water

Vitev water is the healthiest water available today...


Just measuring the pH level of the water is not a good indication of how healthy it is. pH and alkalinity are not the same. We need tangible minerals in our diet to negate acid waste and cancel the damaging effects, not just a pH number to scare the waste away. Drinking a high pH water without minerals to support it is much less effective than a higher pH WITH a healthy blend of alkaline minerals.

Antioxidant/molecular hydrogen:

Balance within the human body is massively important. Too many oxidants and the body breaks down, it ages, it rusts. We need some protection.

Oxidants come in many forms, from what we eat and drink, to lack of sleep, stress and even exercise. That realization many years ago led to a rush of antioxidant foods and supplements to the market. So much so, that for many of us, it’s common knowledge the salad has more antioxidants than the cheeseburger.

But with drinks, it’s harder because there has been very little attention given to them. The easiest way to determine whether a drink helps or hurts us is to look at its ORP level. Positive numbers are bad and are always found in tap/bottled water, sports drinks, etc. Negative numbers are what you want. The only way you can get them is to create the water fresh.

Going a little deeper, being able to create nature’s most potent antioxidant; Molecular Hydrogen is even better. By running water over the elemental Magnesium included in our Vitev mix, we get a drink full of protective antioxidants in a form our bodies crave. On demand, anytime you want it.

Hydration - detox:

Cells drink water 1 molecule at a time using a variety of different aquaporins. Think of them like toll booths into the cell, but instead of paying a couple dollars to get in, the toll is a negative electrical charge. Wrong charge, no entrance.

We also need the correct mineral concentration inside and outside of the cell. Too many minerals outside and the cell is compressed, too many inside and it can burst - like a water balloon. When the pressure is balanced, we get smooth, healthy cells.

Maybe more important than getting water into the cell is getting waste and toxins out. When waste backs up, it doesn’t matter how much more good stuff we put into our bodies, we need to free up some space. The best scenario is to have both the “in” and the “out” doors open and working at the same time. Often, this is one of the first benefits Vitev drinkers experience.


Defining “clean” is difficult these days and very much depends on personal preference. Vitev’s natural processes are able to work with any degree of filtration desired. We offer everything from simple carbon filtration all the way to the top end reverse osmosis platform to fit your needs.

We also won’t blow smoke and allow you to think you’re getting something better than you really are. One of our earliest lessons was learning how filter performance is so often exaggerated. Customers end up thinking they are getting great protection when they aren’t. As a customer it was a hard lesson.

Filtering water isn’t difficult, but it’s also not so easy a small filter can remove huge percentages of the toxins in our water. Technology just isn’t there yet.