Alkaline water with no bells or whistles

Most of us go through an evolution where we think our parents are the greatest thing ever.  As we hit our teens, that opinion changes by 180 degrees.  But thankfully, over time, it swings back in their favor. 

I remember my Dad saying years ago how he didn’t want anything electronic when he was shopping for a new truck.  He wanted to open his door with a key, not a remote, crank the window down and flip a lever to lock the door.  When asked why, his answer was, “because if those things break, they are expensive to fix and I can’t do it myself. If the door lock breaks, how do I get in?  What if the window is down when the motor goes out?  How do I close it?”  

Hard to argue with logic like that.  Especially when I just had to fix the lock actuator in our van. 

Those words resonated with us when we were designing and choosing our suite of products.  Old school ionizers are prone to issues with any number of the bells and whistles they market.  Plates have to be cleaned, pumps have to work, LCDs have to stay lit, electricity has to stay on, the buttons used to choose pH levels must function, etc.

We’ve trimmed down the Vitev line to make our alkaline water products as simple as possible.  Nothing to break…nothing to clean.  Just turn on the faucet and enjoy the benefits.

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