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It should be easy to drink good water. But we’re often choosing between
overpriced bottles or tap water, where basic filtration isn’t enough.
Vitev’s all-natural mineral filters produce the purest alkaline water,
safe from the tap. So you can enjoy healthy hydration while never
worrying about the water your family drinks.

About Vitev

We’re a family sized company that came together in 2010. It’s not a stretch to say we started the natural alkaline water market here in the US. Previously, we had been working with a variety of companies but grew frustrated with their sales tactics, price tags and shady marketing efforts. We loved the water and how it helped so many, but we didn’t want our names associated with those brands. 

The only way out was to start our own company.

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5 ways to Mineralize Reverse Osmosis Water

Since we got our start way back in 2010, interest in reverse osmosis systems as a filtration method in homes has consistently increased. For some it’s because they are putting a water softener in their home and the only way to remove the added salt is with a reverse osmosis system. For others, it’s either because the quality of our drinking water has gotten worse or our level of trust in others to keep that water safe has declined.

The 5 most dangerous tap water contaminants

Is tap water really safe to drink? The EPA estimates that over 60,000 chemicals are used within the USA, but only 91 contaminants are regulated by the Safe Drinking Water Act. The EPA has tested for 81unregulated tap water chemicals since 1996, only begun regulation on 1, and hasn’t implemented regulation on any chemicals tested, according to the Environmental Working Group.

Why does reverse osmosis water need remineralization?

TL:DR – Minerals are needed for digestion and proper cellular hydration

As you look back over the history of water filtration, you’ll find in many ways we’re our own worst enemy.

Vitev Mineral #2 – Calcium

Calcium is probably the most widely and well-known mineral when it comes to all things health. The dairy industry has ensured via very effective marketing that calcium through dairy products is essential. This article won’t cover the many health claims both for and against dairy-delivered calcium.

pH drops vs strips

The most common way to test pH is with a test strip. They are cheap, easy and readily available, so when you first receive your ionizer or pickup some alkaline water at the store and want to test it, what do you grab?

How to optimally REMINeralize Reverse Osmosis water

Reverse osmosis (RO) systems are immensely popular for one main reason: contaminant reduction. They provide a level of filtration that is virtually unmatched by any other type of point-of-use drinking water

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