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It seems like not a week goes by where there isn't an issue with a community's drinking water. But in the last week, there have been 2 that are beyond the norm and just flat out scary. 10s of thousands of people are now affected.

The first situation in Florida has water as black as tar spewing out of faucets in people’s homes. You can see the video here courtesy of NBC 2 News.

The shocking change in the water was apparently due to resin being dumped into the drinking water after one of the water treatment facility’s cleaning stages failed.

What was the answer from city leaders?

A 33-day cleaning process to get all of the resin out of the city's pipes. For over a month, this is the water people are stuck with. Not just for drinking either. Think about where this is going into their homes.

Staining toilets, clogging the hot water heater, the dishwasher, ice maker. You can’t wash clothes and you can’t wash yourself.

They’re stuck. For 33-days. The killer line is at the end of the linked article. There is no Plan B. If this doesn't work, then what?

Here’s the next one. Courtesy of WMAZ Channel 3 in Georgia. In this situation, thousands of people are unable to drink their water because it has been contaminated by coal ash from a nearby power plant. That ash contains countless toxins and poisons that have leached into the groundwater and 1000s of wells in the area.

Because of the public outcry, the county has now brought in 2, 600-gallon fresh water tanks, like the picture, and is working on adding a 1000-gallon soon.

In order for people to get clean water, they have to stand in line and fill up containers they bring with them.

The only other option is to put a filtration system in their homes. Which at this point, seems like the smart thing to do. Black water is easy to figure out when there is a problem. But most of the toxins we have in water are not visible. You only know there is an issue when city leaders or whistleblowers make it known.

How long has that groundwater been tainted? How much have people consumed?

Filtration systems that could protect you from everything in that water are not expensive nor inconvenient. Especially when compared to the daily hike to fill up containers.

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