The 3 Pillars of Healthy Water

The general consensus regarding our drinking water is that if it’s “clean” it’s healthy. Setting aside what the term “clean” could mean, it’s important to understand that consensus falls very short of what we (as well as pristine, natural sources of water) would qualify as healthy. 

There are actually 3 pillars that make up truly healthy water. 

To determine them, let’s take a step back from modern life and think about what we would be drinking if we lived 500 years ago and were making our way across what is now the United States. What kind of water source would we value?

First, It would have to be clean, right? You wouldn’t want a dead animal lying in it. You’d put the bathroom facilities downstream. There would be no issue with chemicals or industrial and agricultural runoff because none of them have been invented yet. So the first pillar, and arguably the most important, is cleanliness. If water is not clean we can get ridiculously sick in a very short time frame. 

But there are 2 other pillars that if missing, can lead to sickness over a longer time frame. These weren’t characteristics that people realized 500 years ago, but they very much benefited from them. 

The water would be rich in minerals and it would have an ionized antioxidant component. 

Why rich in minerals? Because it had traveled through soils, rocks, sediment, etc and dissolved minerals along the way. The specific mineral concentrations would vary, but we would never find water with low levels of total dissolved solids (TDS). The idea that healthy water would have a TDS as close to 0 as possible is just plain crazy. Yet that's what we find in a lot of marketing these days.

Secondly, because of how the water travels, it would also be ionized. This one isn’t quite as intuitive to understand, but the water would end up with a negative electrical potential. Partially because of the mineral interaction with the H2O and the creation of hydrogen, but also because of interaction with the earth’s magnetic field as well as the sun’s ionization. 

Water is a very malleable substance. It can take on all sorts of properties, for the good and the bad. Unfortunately, today’s water is overloaded with the bad. It might not have dead animals floating in it (at least that you can see), but it’s so full of chemicals we can hardly call it “clean”. It’s also lost it’s natural nutritional qualities because of the way it’s processed in municipal or rural treatment facilities. 

A once pristine substance, eliminated all of it’s vitality, and loaded down with toxins. Not what you want to be drinking straight from the tap. 

So, when you’re looking for truly healthy water, think like your ancestors centuries ago. You want clean, mineralized and antioxidant. 

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