Does mineralizing water increase the ph?

Not necessarily. Some minerals increase the alkalinity of the water, meaning the mineral content…what the body actually needs to balance acids, but don’t increase the pH.

That might not seem to make sense, but there is a difference between alkalinity and pH. Alkalinity is a measure of the mineral concentrations needed to buffer acidic compounds. Things like calcium, magnesium and baking soda.

pH on the other hand is a measurement of the “potential of hydrogen”. It’s measured with the pH scale, acid to alkaline. It can be improved by increasing the free hydrogen available in water. This hydrogen ion is an antioxidant…a free radical scavenger. A vitally important component we need to fight the effects of oxidative stress.

A Vitev remineralizer increases the alkalinity by adding back minerals like calcium, sodium, magnesium and potassium, and it also increases the pH and antioxidant capacity by creating a reaction between the water and the very pure magnesium.

Not all remineralizers do this. Many of them, especially the cheap ones on Amazon, only increase the alkalinity via powdery forms of calcite. You only get one half of the healthy water equation and even this half tends to run out pretty quickly.

So do remineralizers increase the pH? Ultimately, it depends on the quality of the remineralizer.

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