Keep it between the white lines

After 4 years in this natural alkaline water world and a few years before that with electric ionizers, we’ve lost track of the number of times we’re asked, “will this fix (fill in the blank symptom)?

Our standard answer has always been a form of “we don’t know”.

Not because we haven’t had tons of people with night and day improvements or because we don’t think the water can help, but because there are countless variables that contribute to our health and how we feel day in and day out.  Diet, exercise, genetics, sleep, stress, weather, seasons, etc can all play a role.

Human nature is such that we always want a quick fix.  Even those who are looking for alternative or natural solutions are still influenced by our pill-popping, pharma-commercial-watching, prescription-writing culture.  We want a solution that is quick, easy and as inexpensive as possible.

The alkaline water industry has taken advantage of that (except for the inexpensive part) and for years has advertised their products as a cure for nearly everything.  As a result of their marketing approach, the “mainstream” docs and medical community have taken the opposite stance.  They poo-poo alkaline water as snake oil or a waste of money.  Check out this recent video for just the latest example.

We end up with 2 extremes, neither of which is correct.

What if instead of polar opposites, we just looked at things with more balance?  What if alkaline water proponents were honest and didn’t promise amazing cures?  What if docs actually looked at the growing number of studies showing the massive benefits or tried the water for themselves?  What if we just took the approach of balance, hydration, sensible eating, exercise, etc?  It’s a pretty simple recipe.

Life, like driving, is a whole lot more enjoyable when you aren’t swerving from one ditch to another.  It turns out those driving lessons years ago were an instruction for more than just being behind the wheel.  Keep it between the white lines applies everywhere.

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