Will I get kidney stones from alkaline water?

From Vitev alkaline water? No. 

When you look at recommended daily amounts of minerals like calcium and magnesium, you’ll find tables like this
one. (scroll down a bit for the table)

Let’s just use an average of 1000mg/day of calcium and 400mg/day of magnesium as a
minimum requirement.

In our testing of our reverse osmosis alkaline water based systems, because tap water is all over the place and gives an entire spectrum of results, we found approximately 70 mg of calcium and 35 mg of magnesium
per liter of water. Which means even if you drank 4 liters per day (a gallon), you are well below the minimums.

Lastly, as you read thru the National Institute of Health’s info from the link above, you’ll find this little nugget.

“For most people, other factors (such as not drinking enough fluids) probably have a larger effect on the risk of kidney stones than calcium intake.”

It seems stones are more a factor of dehydration than too many minerals. And when you understand that hydration is dependent on actually having minerals in the fluid (electrolytes), you realize the same people screaming about the dangers of kidney stones, may actually be the ones more responsible for the development.

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