What minerals do you use to create alkaline water?

Mineral quality is very important to us in creating alkaline water. Therefore we use the highest quality of ingredients we can find in the best forms available. We also have to consider which minerals provide the greatest reactivity when mixed with water and which ones produce the quickest pH and antioxidant improvement.  

We found those were Magnesium and Calcium.  

In addition, we needed some of the more subtle benefits that are much harder to measure.  Ingredients that help with how the water feels going down and interact more at the energetic level. Infrared ceramics and tourmaline fit the bill very nicely. As a nice surprise, we found they also contributed a little potassium and sodium (the good natural kind) to the water. 

After months of testing and playing with too many recipes, we came up with a couple different versions. Tap water and reverse osmosis water react with different aggressiveness. Tap water also typically has high levels of calcium already, and doesn’t need as much added.  So the FLO, UNDR and VYV use one recipe, the MAXX and REMIN are a different blend.

All work great and in the end all of our systems utilize the 4 alkaline minerals: Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and Sodium.

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