About Vitev

We’re a family sized company that came together in 2010. It’s not a stretch to say we started the natural alkaline water market here in the US. Previously, we had been working with a variety of companies but grew frustrated with their sales tactics, price tags and shady marketing efforts. We loved the water and how it helped so many, but we didn’t want our names associated with those brands.

The only way out was to start our own company.

During this process, we found some research from Japan regarding a natural, mineral-based method of creating alkaline, ionized, hydrogen rich water. We decided to test it out and had a connection with a manufacturer at the time in Asia. They were able to put together our first recipe in our first countertop filter system. We called it alkaStream.

It worked and we identified a market that wanted it. But we weren’t happy with the quality of materials or manufacturing so we set out to find US manufacturers who could do better.

What you see now is a product line that covers every application you can imagine. Simple pitchers to high level reverse osmosis filtration. Portable, under sink or countertop. Whatever you need we have.

Most importantly though is that we know this water. We all use it in our own homes with our families. We pack and ship them from our warehouse in Kansas. When you call or email, whoever you speak with knows what they are talking about both from a science perspective as well as an experiential perspective.

We make simple, safe systems that work every time. No electronics, no waste, and quality construction that will last for years and years to come.