How to optimally REMINeralize Reverse Osmosis water

How to optimally REMINeralize RO water

Reverse osmosis (RO) systems are immensely popular for one main reason: contaminant reduction. They provide a level of filtration that is virtually unmatched by any other type of point-of-use drinking water system.


RO membrane filtration is so fine that it even strips the beneficial minerals out, leaving acidic, highly unstable, and in a sense “dead” water. More and more RO users are learning of the necessity to remineralize their water for healthy hydration. Unfortunately, it is easier said than done.

We covered the various options available to us in the following video, though we have found there is only one way to optimally mineralize RO water:

5 Ways to REMINeralize Reverse Osmosis Water

The Vitev Remin cartridge is specially designed to do so best, adding the highest-quality calcium, magnesium, and a vast range of trace minerals. There are multiple easy installation options to allow for an optimized setup, but the quality of the minerals and resulting mineralization performance are what really sets the Remin apart from all other mineral cartridges.

Standard RO mineral filters contain calcite (a cheap form of calcium) which depletes very quickly and will not make much, if any impact on RO water in a matter of months or even weeks. Whereas the Remin produces consistent mineralization results plus alkaline and antioxidant benefits throughout its yearly lifespan.

The calcite used in typical mineralizers is a lab-based blend of calcium used by industrial water treatment facilities. It makes for a cheap filter that does not provide much in the way of well-rounded mineralization, is not bioavailable, and therefore isn’t exactly great for human consumption. On the other hand, the Remin contains calcium sourced from above-sea coral in the Caribbean. Coral calcium is as good as it gets. It is full of bioavailable calcium plus over 70 additional trace minerals and is certified as eco-safe.

The other main media component in the Remin is magnesium. It is over 99.9% pure metallic Mg, responsible for alkaline and antioxidant benefits that are not produced by calcite cartridges. Some calcite filters contain magnesium, but it is always a chemical compound like magnesium hydroxide. You need the Remin’s pure metallic magnesium to add the beneficial hydrogen antioxidants into the water.

The RO + Remin setup combines premium filtration and mineralization, creating our top recommended drinking water system. And at the very least we consider the Remin to be an essential addition to RO water for healthy hydration. You can learn more about the Remin and RO mineralization at the links below:

Vitev Remin – RO Remineralization Filter

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