Want alkaline water? Just use baking soda…

To the alkaline water salesperson, that statement causes all sorts of reactions.  Frustration, eye rolls, unbelief, etc. Typically it is countered with an answer like these.

“Too much baking soda isn’t good for you”

“there are side effects with too much baking soda, like gas and diarrhea”

“that’s not alkaline, see, my pH meter (or drops) doesn’t show pH increasing”

The first 2 are accurate, but a little misleading, the 3rd is just dumb.  All illustrate a fundamental misunderstanding of what they are attempting to sell and instead of acknowledging the benefits soda contributes, they criticize instead.

It turns out adding baking soda to water does cause it to be alkaline.  Remember, pH and alkalinity are not the same.  Alkalinity is about providing the body buffering minerals it needs to counteract the negative effects of acid waste.  Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) is one of the body’s best ways of doing that.  In fact, it actually creates sodium bicarb during digestion via the pancreas.

In all cases, adding a teaspoon of baking soda to a glass of water will be much more alkaline than it will be coming out of an alkaline water system.  From the body’s perspective at least.

Which is the whole point right?

With that said, there are more benefits from water created with an ionizer than just alkalinity.  So go ahead and toss in some Arm & Hammer from time to time. Using it as a toothpaste base is great as well. But don’t think it will replace the multitude of benefits an ionizer will provide.

Hydration isn’t nutrition…and vice versa.

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