Don't equate food with water

Equating alkaline water with an alkaline diet is probably the biggest misconception within the alkaline world.  It stems from the fundamental misunderstanding of differences between pH and alkalinity.  We’re told drinking alkaline water is like eating a big kale salad.

But it’s not.

Our bodies need both hydrogen (pH) AND minerals (alkalinity).  Hydrogen for things like cellular fuel and antioxidant protection, but alkaline minerals to cancel out and balance acid waste buildup.  We can’t expect a glass of water with a pH of 9.5, but a very low mineral content (alkalinity level) to rebuild the body’s mineral stores.

When you separate the 2 aspects, “alkaline” water begins to make much more sense.  We can fully explain the benefits of the water while also answering the most common objections and quirky aspects of testing. Things like stomach acid negating the pH of the water, why testing strips don’t work but drops do, drinking lemon and/or baking soda water, etc.

Which we’ll do in future posts.  For now, we just want to begin clarifying how to view alkaline water vs. alkaline foods.

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