California's "Toilet To Tap" program

In case you haven’t heard, California’s having some issues with water.  Just pick a news agency and you’ll see the headlines. There are all sorts of perspectives and opinions on the causes and therefore the solutions, but while keeping an eye on what’s happening (remember, many of our alkaline systems are made in Cali) we were reminded of this article from last year.

It’s a very good read on highlighting just how effective reverse osmosis systems are.

We get a lot of questions similar to “can the MAXX filter out fill in the blank toxin?”.  The short answer is always “Yes”, but we should probably start using this article as a very clear illustration of how good RO systems perform across a huge range of contaminants.

Another interesting nugget is that after the water leaves the RO systems, it percolates through the soil and sediment layers down into the aquifer.  That process allows it to pick up minerals and reach a neutral or slightly alkaline pH before it mixes in with the existing groundwater.  A much better way to incorporate it back into the supply than just injecting it into the water lines headed out to homes and businesses.

All-in-all, it’s a very cool process and one we need more of, no matter what you believe the cause of the current shortage to be.

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