The chemical found in over 98% of US water utilities

Before it was ever used in the chemical warfare of World War I, chlorine was added to public water supplies as a disinfectant. Over 98% of US water treatment facilities now use chlorine or chloramines (chlorine-based chemicals) to eliminate microorganisms in the water supply. It’s the reason we don’t have to worry about infections like cholera or typhoid fever anymore.

Unfortunately, the use of chlorine poses its own set of health risks.

Health Risks of chlorinated drinking water

Chlorine and chloramine react with naturally present organic matter in water (like decaying leaves), creating dangerous disinfection by-products, or DBPs. DBPs are considered to be 10,000x more toxic than chlorine. Over 600 DBPs have been discovered in chlorinated tap water. Studies have linked them to cancer, issues during pregnancy (including miscarriage), and a wide range of long-term health effects.

Does your city use chlorine or chloramines? Check the list.

How to filter chlorine and toxic DBP’s

Carbon-based water filters are the best way to filter chlorine.
  • Only worried about chlorine? - The Vitev Slim pitcher uses standard activated carbon to filter chlorine.
  • How about chloramines? - Chloramines are more difficult to filter than chlorine. The Vitev Flo contains a special Nuchar activated wood-carbon filter that reduces chlorine, chloramines and DBPs.
  • The BEST solution? - The Vitev Flo+ and Vitev Maxx systems both remove over 99% of chlorine, chloramine, and DBPs. They provide total coverage for chlorine chemicals and a wide range of other tap water contaminants.

How about chlorine in the shower?

Do you ever feel like you have dry skin or hair after showering? If so, it’s due to the chlorine in your water. Chlorine strips natural oils from the skin, causing it to dry out and crack. Long-term exposure to chlorine can lead to more serious skin problems like acne, rashes and eczema. Studies have also linked long-term exposure to premature aging, and even skin cancer.

Did you know: a 10-minute shower raises chlorine levels in the bloodstream more than drinking 8 glasses of the same water?

One way to fight the effects of chlorine in shower water is to use lotions and special conditioners for the skin and hair. We prefer to take the chlorine chemicals away - the source of the problem. The Vitev Afinna shower filter removes chlorine from the water using a media blend specially formulated for hot water. It provides the most effective and affordable path to naturally smooth skin & hair.

Do you have a chlorine/chloramine problem?

Ask a Vitev filtration expert today how you can improve the quality of your drinking water and showers. Call us at 1-855-456-9220 for a Free consultation.

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