Don’t go bankrupt buying bottled water

The most expensive way to hydrate every day is bottled water… and it’s not even close.

“Wait a second, isn’t bottled water supposed to be cheap?”

You’d be shocked how often we hear some variation of that. Sure, the thought of spending $1.00-$2.00 on a bottle of water seems cheap… until you do it over, and over, and over again. If you buy bottled water, this post is for you.

Bottled water is 300-2000x more expensive than tap water, according to the American Water Works Association. 64% of all bottled water sales in 2012 were spent on single 16.9oz (500 mL) bottles, with an average cost approaching $8.00 per gallon. (according to ConvergEx market data).

That’s a lot of money to be spending on water. The average person should ideally consume at least 2 liters (over half a gallon) of water each day. If someone were to only drink single 500 mL water bottles, the cost to stay hydrated would be at least $1500/year. (Which is probably why many people are chronically dehydrated - Who want’s to spend that much on water?)
Those figures haven’t stopped Americans from steadily purchasing large amounts of bottled water. Average consumption increased by 9.5% annually between 1976 and 2013, reaching a new height of over 10 billion gallons sold in 2013.

Convenience and health are often cited as the benefits for bottled water. We question how convenient it is to have to leave home to buy water, pay a high price for it, and then responsibly dispose of the wasteful bottles after.

Is bottled water really that healthy? The answer is a hard no. Most bottled water brands do the bare minimum to improve the water quality, and charge a ridiculously high price for the product.
We want more from our drinking water, and for less $$$. Every Vitev filtration system reduces tap water contaminants, adds natural minerals, and enhances the water with beneficial alkaline & antioxidant effects.

Even premium Vitev systems like the Flo+ and Maxx are much more affordable to own and use than buying bottled water. You’ll never spend more than $0.13 per liter on a Vitev system, and the water quality is unmatched.

If you’re interested in learning more, ask a Vitev filtration expert today how you can improve the quality of your drinking water. Call us at 1-855-456-9220 for a Free consultation.

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