Vitev Pitcher vs Zero Water


Zerowater removes the good minerals, doesn’t last long and often creates fish smelling water with an acidic pH. Vitev’s pitchers remove chlorine, tastes, odors and create good tasting alkaline antioxidant water.


Zerowater has done the absolute best at marketing something terrible as the gold standard. Maybe not as good as soda and sports drink companies, but in the water world, they take the cake. Their entire message is that a water with Zero total dissolved solids is the best water to drink.

But is that true?

Pretend for a minute you live in a pristine utopia. What would the water in that world be like? Unless you captured rainwater from the sky into a completely clean container, your drinking water would flow down mountains into channels through rocks, layers of soil, etc. Maybe it would bubble up from an underground stream. It would be interacting with ions and magnetic fields. It would be alive.

How much of that water would be void of minerals and other trace elements?

None of it. Nor should it, because that’s not what we’re designed to drink. The chemicals and toxins should be eliminated, but the minerals?


Zerowater’s main filtration media is ion exchange resin. This is what does the majority of the work and allows a small filter to have a pretty wide range of toxin removal. But it comes with a downside.

First, it does not discriminate between good minerals like calcium and magnesium in your source water and harmful things like chlorine or lead.

Secondly, it’s not very clear how long these filters work at the advertised level. Small filters cannot hold much media, which is okay for ingredients like carbon, since it’s very absorbent relative to its surface area, but when it comes to ion exchange resin, you need a lot more.

They state removal up to 20 gallons of use, but you have to be careful because NSF testing will give approval of effectiveness as long as it removes 50% of the tested contaminant.


Ion-exchange resin can release the compound trimethylamine as it does its exchanging of ions. You’ll know if that happens because the water will begin to smell like fish. Won’t taste like it, so maybe just hold your nose.


Zerowater is not able to raise the pH because they strip all minerals from the water. This lack of buffering material means you’ll see a neutral pH water at best, most likely a slightly acidic one. The longer the water sits, the more acidic it will become as it’s ripe to absorb carbon dioxide.


We’re realistic. Small pitcher filters are not what you choose if you want to remove large amounts of a wide range of toxins. That’s not how filtration technology works. The more things you want to remove, the more advanced your filter will have to be. That’s why we offer options for scaling up in capability.

Pitchers are simple filters. Very similar to what you’d expect from a refrigerator filter. Basic filtration at very affordable prices.

That’s what our pitchers do, with the added benefit of increasing the alkalinity and antioxidant levels of the water. You get a cleaner and more healthy water, not just a cleaner one.