Vitev REMIN vs Waterdrop MNR


MNR - Unsafe ingredients, made in China, very poor performance
REMIN - Safe, US made, excellent performance across multiple categories


This category of comparisons, more so than any other, is most heavily dependent on the mineral ingredients. There are other differences between the REMIN and the MNR which we’ll detail, but the big one is what we choose to put in our cartridge versus what they do.

There are 2 kinds of remineralizers. Those made for industrial and home plumbing infrastructure and those made for your body. Waterdrop is in the first category.


The MNR is made in China. In fact Waterdrop is very likely a Chinese company that has a few registered addresses in California and Colorado and ships products directly into Amazon. The REMIN is made in the US, Idaho to be precise. We inspect them and ship out of our Lawrence Kansas warehouse.


Waterdrop says they utilize calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and strontium. Deeper into their material you find they also utilize coconut shell carbon. How much of each is in the cartridge? We don’t know.

We do know however that they utilize a mix of calcite and corosex. How do we know that? Because the cartridge is dirt cheap.

Calcite and corosex were first used in industrial and commercial applications to increase the pH of water as it flowed through pipes or treatment facilities. Low pH (acidic) water is aggressive and would damage and corrode the pipes. It’s a very cheap and easy solution, but not one we should be drinking.

Calcite is a form of calcium carbonate and corosex is a magnesium oxide. Each one then provides the opportunity to say they use calcium and magnesium.

To make things worse, you’ll see they use Strontium. That is not a very common mineral you see advertised or highlighted in ingredient lists.

Why? Because it’s not safe. This is from the good folks at American Bone Health.
You can read more about it here.

You’ll also notice that it’s technically a salt…which lets them claim sodium as an ingredient.

So that’s 2 ingredients that should be avoided. Calcite and Strontium.

On the flip side, what’s used in the REMIN?
The 2 ingredients most utilized by the REMIN are 99.9% pure Magnesium and the only eco-safe, above sea coral calcium available in the world.
Most corals are dredged up from the floor of ocean harbors. This location means it’s often polluted with waste from shipping operations and the methods used to obtain it are ecologically damaging.

Ours is harvested from areas where sea water recedes in much more shallow locations. Think of it like mowing the grass. This ensures a purity that is unmatched. The coral itself is routinely tested for safety and to get an idea of what other beneficial minerals, etc make up the coral. It’s typically 70-72 additional trace elements our bodies need. You can find that report here.

We balance out that blend of Mg and Ca with infrared ceramics and tourmaline. Each also tested for safety and added to provide a softness and drinkability to the water. They impart energetic frequencies that are a bit complicated to explain, but the water definitely felt better going down when they were added to the REMIN ingredient mix.

WIth the REMIN, you get a much safer and more biologically attuned mix of minerals for your consumption.


We find this kind of funny, in a sad, shady marketing kind of way. This image is from the MNR’s Amazon listing. Notice all the benefits it claims of mineral water, then pay close attention to the statement at the bottom by the *.

The benefits are for mineral water, not the MNR.

As you read through some of their reviews, which you have to take with a grain of salt. Sometimes reviews are legit operator error or even black hat tricks from other sellers. But you do find this little nugget confirmed by Waterdrop.

That’s pretty poor performance of a very basic task and really the only thing you could expect a cartridge like this to do. Raise the TDS.

The REMIN is a much more holistic cartridge. We not only want to add minerals back, and will do so at 10x+ the concentration of the MNR, but we also increase the pH and add antioxidant levels to the water.

The REMIN brings a stale, dead, bad tasting water back to life and makes you want to drink it. You notice and feel a difference. It is nothing but an improvement to RO water. Nothing dangerous.

This is a comparison chart you find on our main REMIN product page to give an idea of what levels are achieved from the various categories.


MNR: The MNR can be used in any RO system because it installs post-tank, directly before the faucet. In fact, that’s the only place it can be installed because it also uses carbon as an ingredient and if that is placed before the tank, you can end up with a carbon buildup inside the tank.

It utilizes ¼” quick connects to plug the tubing into. If you need a larger ⅜” connection, you’ll have to source those unions and some ¼” tubing at your local hardware/home improvement store. You’ll also have to find a mounting clip as they are not provided with the MNR.

REMIN: The REMIN can install post tank just like the MNR for those whose RO system offers no other access. But it can also be spliced into the system before the tank. This ensures a slower flow rate through the minerals and that increased contact time will create a more potent reaction and performance.

We’re happy to help walk you through where that is on your RO, we’d just need either the brand/model to look up or some pics from you.

The REMIN also uses a ¼” quick connect. ⅜” adapters are not standard, but if you need some, let us know and we can toss them in. We do provide some tubing and the clips for either double sided or cabinet wall mounting.