Our Minerals (backup)

Mineral quality is what sets Vitev’s filters apart. Our priority is to use the highest quality bioavailable form of each because we aren’t just trying to increase the parts per million concentrations or artificially boost pH.

That’s easy and is what a lot of big brands and cheap amazon sellers do. Inexpensive ingredients made to protect plumbing, not you.

Our filters, and the mineral mixes we’ve created are designed with you in mind. Better minerals, blended carefully, and in forms that are more bioavailable and time-released mean you get a water designed to drink.


Magnesium is one of the 6 essential macrominerals. These 6 minerals comprise 99% of the body’s mineral content and play a role in nearly countless aspects of our overall health. The significance of Magnesium can’t be overstated. It is involved in everything from bone strength, heart health, energy production, nerve function, stress/anxiety management to diabetes prevention.

It’s also safe to say the majority of us are Magnesium deficient. A lack of nutrient rich foods, certain medications, unhealthy digestive systems that impair absorption and increased stress levels all bring our Magnesium levels down.

The significance of Magnesium is well-documented and there are several great supplements if you need higher concentrations on a daily basis. But we’re water specialists and look at Magnesium through a different and underappreciated (for now) lens.

Our filters do add magnesium to the water, but because we use a 99.99% pure Magnesium in metal form (you can see the small shiny pieces in the mineral mix) we also get a reaction.

This reaction provides 4 unique health boosting benefits to Vitev water.
  1. Increases the pH
  2. Dissolves into the water providing acid buffering alkalinity and a mineral the body can use
  3. Creates antioxidant molecular hydrogen, also known as H2
  4. Lowers the oxidation reduction potential (ORP) making the water an antioxidant


The goal of adding calcium to Vitev water is to improve the concentration of minerals in the water, usually measured by total dissolved solids. We are not trying to replace what we should be getting via food and supplements, it’s simply to balance the water to more effectively hydrate and improve the taste.

Most water filters and “remineralizers” use a cheap form of calcium called calcite, with some corosex tossed it to speed up the reaction. These forms originated in commercial and industrial water treatment applications. They are designed for cheap and easy fixes to keep pipes and plumbing from corroding due to low pH. They aren’t meant for consumption.

Vitev’s Difference
Instead of cheap and unhealthy versions, we use an incredibly unique version of eco-safe, above the sea Coral calcium. It reacts slowly and consistently, it doesn’t elevate the pH too much, it’s a more robust blend of minerals (typically 70+ of them) and it’s all natural. Nothing made in the lab.

This is a calcium you can and should consume.

Infrared Ceramics and Tourmaline

These are the red and grey ceramic balls. Each began as a gemstone with a crystalline structure and are mostly composed of silica, potassium, sodium and iron. To make them functional in water, the gems are ground up into fine powder and then mixed with a clay binding agent. They are then compressed into small diameter balls and fired in a kiln for about 10 hours at 800 degrees, like pottery.

We get a uniform shape with lots of surface area, perfect when working with set volumes of space.

Why use them?
We went through countless iterations and lots of tests to come up with a mineral mix that worked like we wanted. One of the things we noticed when the ceramics were removed the taste of the water changed. It’s hard to describe, but it was flatter, staler and not as soft. It just wasn’t as good.

We also like the idea of the ceramics emitting a negatively charged ion. This idea has been around for a long time in alternative health and even air filtration as the negative charges have been shown to improve mood, limit harm of EMF radiation and help detox the body while improving circulation. WebMD has a good intro http://www.webmd.com/balance/features/negative-ions-create-positive-vibes and studies like this https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/8406976 illustrate how the far-infrared spectrum improves the immune system (leukocytes are white blood cells).

Improved taste and the balancing effects they offer were more than enough reason to be included in the mix.