Vitev vs Enagic/Kangen (or any other electric ionizer)


Enagic - Ridiculously expensive, poor filtration, wastes a lot of water, needs regular cleaning.
Vitev - Fraction of the price, can pair with any level of filtration, zero waste.


Enagic has been around for a very long time. They are a MLM company first, an ionizer seller second. In many ways, they are the reason we’re in business. They set the price bar with their top selling ionizer around $5000. Because it was so high, competitors like LifeIonizer, Chanson, etc entered the market, didn’t follow the MLM playbook, and set their prices for about half of Enagic.

But that was still too high in our opinion.

As we were looking for a way to enter the market we came across research from Asia and realized the pH and antioxidant improvements could be done with minerals. No need for electricity.

We tested, found a manufacturer and because of Enagic, haven’t looked back. It’s easy to sell the same benefits at barely a fraction of the price. So we let Enagic dealers do the marketing and we made the sales.

Below are the 4 main areas of difference between Enagic (or any other electric ionizer for that matter) and Vitev’s mineral based systems.


Here’s the selection of Enagic systems and respective prices on their US store.

Why so high?

Because Enagic is a network marketing company and at last check, every system sold benefits up to 8 people in the chain. They all get a slice of the profits.

They’ll tell you it’s because of the components or quality or something about Japan, but it’s not. It’s pyramid pricing.

When we first started back in 2010, we talked to A LOT of Enagic dealers. Some wanted to argue with our performance, some were upset about losing a customer and wanted to check us out, others were upset with Enagic and wanted other options to sell. But we learned a bunch and one of them was the details of the dealer payment plan.

They sell more systems to new dealers getting started than they do to retail customers.


Enagic systems are barely able to be defined as a filter. They remove some chlorine.

That’s it.

The good thing is they don’t claim anything ridiculous, they say they remove what they remove.

It’s just very little.

FIltration is a challenge for electric ionizers because they need particles in the water for the electricity to work with and get the ionization process going. What is usually described as splitting the water stream.

They work better with low quality filtration.

Vitev’s mineral based systems are the exact opposite. We can filter toxins to very fine reverse osmosis or ceramic filtration levels and then build the water back up with our mineral blend. You can choose the level of filtration you want, eliminate any toxin you require and still get high pH, antioxidant and mineral rich water.

We want the water to be safe, clean and healthy.


Because of the way electric ionizers work, they send roughly half of the water that flows through the system down the drain. When you measure the pH of that wastewater, you’ll find it’s typically in the range of 4-5.

Coincidentally, that matches up with our skin’s pH.

Hence the push to capture it and use it for external applications. Washing hands and face, after shaving, rinsing hair, sunburn treatment, rashes, etc.

It really does work well, but it’s a lot of water to capture and store. No way will you use it all.

Plus, here’s a little secret. That pH is the same as you’ll find in most non-alkaline bottle waters.

And here’s another. Where do you think many of the toxins you find in tap waters go in an electric ionizer with poor filtration? Yep, right into the wastewater stream.

A gallon of purified drinking water from the store is about $1.50. It’s also much cleaner than what you’ll get from an Enagic system.

Even if you use it daily for washing your face, after shaving, etc it will last at least a week. So $6 a month. Half of the Enagic cost is $2500…divided by $6 is 416. You can buy bottled water weekly for 416 months, or 34 years, before the Enagic beauty water becomes a better deal.

34 years…


This is a big one. Electric ionizers require their electrolysis plates to be cleaned regularly. Some systems will do this automatically at a regular volume interval, but even then will require deeper cleans occasionally. Many will recommend adding a solution to the system via a filter port to clean it. Others, like Enagic, recommend sending the system into the factory every few years for a deeper cleaning. On your dime as well.

That’s a lot of maintenance.

For most of Vitev’s systems, the cleaning is done by replacing the filter. Our PLUS requires an occasional scrubbing of the ceramic filter every couple months, the MAXX could benefit from a sanitization every few years with a membrane change.

But that’s it. Nothing that costs a lot, causes your system to not work for a while (or be out of your home for weeks), wastes water or delays you getting a glass of water because the ionizer goes into maintenance mode.

Since the beginning we’ve been about simple, natural processes and that applies to maintenance as well.