Same health benefits without the high price

Many of our visitors ask how our water compares to companies like Enagic (Kangen) or Life and Tyent. Often they have tried and enjoyed the water from those electric ionizers and would love to have it all they time, but they can't fathom spending thousands. So they find us, but we can seem too good to be true. How can you save that much money and get the same benefits?

The companies selling the expensive electric ionizers focus more on the features of their machines and not as much on how you feel. They are in an epic struggle to prove they have the most power and can generate the most extreme pH and -ORP values. Values that aren't even healthy to consume.

At Vitev we believe healthy water shouldn't require a mortgage and the real key to feeling better is in Nature itself. This is why our water is created using a special blend of natural minerals. No electricity, no plates, no far-fetched stories (and definitely no mortgage) to attempt justifying a high price tag. We're simply replicating what Nature does and delivering it to your glass.

pH & ORP Demonstration

Curious if simple mineral ingredients can create the same pH and -ORP levels and those fancy platinum coated titanium plates? Here's a quick demo just adding some of them to a glass of water. The performance is even better with some agitation and flow of water through a mineral cartridge.

Specification Comparisons

We don't usually like these because they tend to distract and complicate matters more than they should. However, we've compiled a simple comparison of the important factors for those interested. Note: -ORP capability based on dealer produced videos

Vitev MAXX
Vitev PLUS
Vitev FLO
pH: 9.0 - 10.0

8.5-9.5 (controlled by flow rate)

8.5-9.5 (controlled by flow rate) 2.5 to 12 (requires chemical additive)
ORP (mv): -250 to -600 -300 to -500 -150 to -300 -700 to +600
Structured: Yes Yes Yes Yes
Filter Cost and Life: $149 - 12 months $149 - 12 months $99 - 6 months $120 - 3 to 6 months
Maintenance: None. No moving parts or electronics to break None. No moving parts or electronics to break None. No moving parts or electronics to break Monthly citric acid or vinegar wash. Possible problems with plates, LCDs and pumps
Size: Plan on 1/3-1/2 of your undersink space 12" x 10" x 5" 12" x 5" x 5" 13" x 11" x 7"
Flow rate: 2.5 L/min 2+ L/min 2+ L/min 1.3-2.1 L/min
Price: Starting at $558 Starting at $336 Starting at $149 $2500-$6000

A Better Experience

Since 2010 we've built Vitev on the belief that we could be honest with customers and provide simple, effective water without complicated answers or frustrating customer service experiences. You shouldn't have to worry about whether the person trying to sell you an ionizer in their new part-time business venture will be around next month, if the company will honor what their dealer told you or if you followed all the small print in their warranty policy.

We sell direct to consumers, have very simple ionizers that don't break, lifetime warranties and a no-questions asked 30-day return policy. It keeps our prices much lower, our customers more satisfied and our customer service reps happier as well. It also means all the reviews you see on our site are customers...not dealers trying to help sales.

What Others are Saying

I Love it -I set up the PLUS and tried it out last night. I love it! The water tastes great and feels very clean. I was also impressed my ph drops showed a 9.5! Thank you so much for all of your help. I'm a customer for life :)
Chris L, Orlando FL

Love, Love, Love my Flo's ! They make my water taste more "watery" and they seem to give me a lot more energy! Thanks for all you do!
Elise C, Naperville, IL

Great Choice. I had been suffering from LPR Disease which is now known as airway silent reflux. I had been using all kinds of Herbs and mostly baking soda which help quite a bit. The FLO supplied enough alkaline which the other remedies were lacking. I still have to keep eating alkaline foods but I feel 90% better than when I started my therapy. Thank you Lord God for your great help and for leading me to FLO. Deo Gratias!
Aristeo V, Williamsburg, NM

5 Stars. More than just Healthy Water. Thank you for this reasonably priced product . Love it so much I have one upstairs in my bathroom as well as in the kitchen.
Geoff Trout, Bowie MD

The PLUS is hands down the best water filter i've ever used, the ORP level and PH is the same as the regular FLO tho but on PLUS the mineral mix lasts for a much longer time. But the filtration is on a whole nother level, i would honestly pay twice as much as the regular price for the performance of the PLUS. The installing is very easy and it is also BPA-free which makes the product great, very easy to clean as well. I tested my water yesterday and it was somewhere between PH 9,5-10, Vitev promised a PH level around 8,5-10 and i couldn't be more satisfied. I will never go back to regular tap water, the water is so soft and the nasty chloramine is gone. Can't wait to try MAXX, if the PLUS is this good then i can only imagine how good the MAXX are. Thank you Vitev for not just a great product but for a great customer service as well, one of the most honest and helpful companies i've ever ordered from.
Kardo, Sweden

Will Natural Alkaline Water really work for you?

Yes, you will experience improvements in your overall health. In fact, we've found that the more unhealthy you are the quicker the water works. This isn't magic, it's simply nature. All we're providing is an affordable and easy way to access it.

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