Vitev vs Brita (would also apply to Pur, Great Value, etc)


Brita: Reduce chlorine, taste and odors. Vitev: Reduce chlorine, taste and odors + increase pH level and add antioxidant properties.


Brita is by far the most well known water filter name out there. They make high quality products which provide a basic level of filtration targeting chlorine, taste and odor, which for the majority of people is all they care about. Carbon is the majority ingredient in the filter, with some higher end options that add some protection from heavy metals like lead and copper.

But this is the key. Brita is a filter.

That’s it.

They clean the water to a degree, but do not do anything with regards to making it more healthy.

Healthy water is clean, alkaline, antioxidant and mineral rich.


If all you want is a simple filter, then you really can’t go wrong with Brita. But if you want to reap the benefits of alkaline and antioxidant water, Brita isn’t an option.

For a very similar price, size, and filtration capability, you can instead opt for the Vitev Family or Slim sized pitcher. Eliminate chlorine, tastes and odors while also increasing the pH to 8.5-9.0 and adding vital antioxidants as well. ORP levels of -200 to -300mV can be expected.


Brita’s filter is majority activated carbon.

Vitev’s filter is activated carbon + magnesium, infrared ceramics and tourmaline. You can read more about each here. We don’t utilize coral calcium in this filter because tap water contains enough already and it would be very difficult to dissolve more into your glass.


Brita’s flow rate is a little better than the Vitev, meaning you’re going to get water filtered and into the reservoir faster. We have to use a smaller hole in the bottom of our filter to ensure the water spends enough time with the filtration media and the minerals to get an effective cleaning and potent pH and antioxidant improvement.

On the larger Family sized pitcher, we’re talking about a minute longer to complete the reservoir filling than the Brita. So it’s not a huge inconvenience. Sometimes slowing down is a good thing.


Vitev’s pitcher filter cannot compete with the lead removal of Brita’s higher end pitcher filters. But if you’re that concerned with lead, you need a more capable (and therefore larger) filter anyway.

For as much as Brita has helped increase awareness of water filtration, they’ve also created some misconceptions that small filters can do infinitely more than they really can. Complex water toxins require more advanced filtration techniques.

So things like lead, or fluoride, or pesticides, etc will all require a larger filter. We’d recommend our PLUS as it is the most convenient and offers the most protection across the spectrum of potential contaminants.