MAXX Membrane

MAXX Membrane

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MAXX Membrane Replacement Filters Replacement cartridge #3 for the MAXX. Life span: 3 years (as long as you replace cartridge #1 and #2 on schedule!)

Customer Reviews

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Roger Stundahl

We installed the Maxx water system in 2010 or 2011 and have been very happy with it. Change the filters annually and there hasn’t been problem with the system at all! Thanks Vitev.

Donna Skiba
The water is flowing again

We had a clog somewhere in the system and the staff at Vitev helped so much. Replaced all the filters and the water is flowing again. We love the taste of our water!

Katherine Canning

MAXX Membrane

Jeff Muneses
Trusted Source !

Vitev is simply a company that we trust, and in the water filtration business that's everything. Thank you. Dr. Jeff

Jeffrey Stedman

The Vitev system is absolutely next level on drinking water. They system has performed flawlessly since I purchased it many years ago...Great customer service as well...Highly recommend them!

Juan Carlos Alvarez
We love our MAXX Membrane system

Excellent product! My family and I only drink water filtered by our MAXX Membrane.

Patricia Mongiano

Thank you for reaching out , yes the problem was fixed replacing the Membrane , waiting for the filter when you guys have it
Thank you again

Chuck Gordon
Fantastic system.

We love our Maxx under counter RO system. The ph levels stay consistently high. Water tastes great. We give the alkaline water from the system to our dog as well and he’s now 16 years old and still going strong.

M Simons
Very Satisfied

When the best tasting water you ever had is from your own house, you know you are using the right system. We have been with Vitev almost 10 years and it is the best investment we've made. Its a small company but they are very customer oriented and their product is superior compared to most. No complaints over here.

Paul Coneff
Great Customer Service

Vitev offers on-going, non-stop customer service that is outstanding. And it is combined with offering a great water filter offering high quality water.