Afinna Shower Filter - Fresh for Life Program

Afinna Shower Filter - Fresh for Life Program

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Is your skin and hair feeling dry after showers?

While chlorine is great at disinfecting water, it’s terrible for our skin and hair. We end up dry, cracked, painful and flaky. To solve those problems, we lather up in all kinds of lotions, and spend more money on dandruff shampoos and fancy conditioners. We treat symptoms, not the cause.

Eliminating chlorine is one of the most effective ways to improve the condition of our skin and hair. The solution isn’t to add more chemicals on our body, it’s to take them away.

Afinna Shower Filter Can Help.

The Afinna shower filter is a very simple and economical way to do so. Just remove your shower head and connect the filter onto the shower head pipe, then screw the shower head onto the filter. If you are more European and use a wand, that will work as well.

The special blend of KDF, Calcium sulfite and natural mineral stones is formulated for hot water. Plain ‘ol carbon just doesn’t work at the temperatures we want to bath in. Remove the chlorine, add a few minerals and voilà, soft, smooth skin and fewer visits to the lotion aisle.

Watch the video for more info and installation instructions.

Lifespan: 6 months with average use
Ingredients: KDF, Calcium Sulfite, infrared ceramics

Fresh for Life Auto-Ship Program

We created the Fresh for Life Auto-Ship Program so you never have to worry about when you need to change your next filter - we’ll manage all of that for you. You’ll receive brand new filters at your door at the perfect time while saving money and much more.

Never forget about when you need to change your filters again, we’ll keep track for you and deliver them at the right time. Save up to 25% on filter purchases and lock in prices. Your warranty will be extended for the lifetime of your membership. Normal conditions apply. No contract to sign and absolutely no obligations, cancel at anytime.

Customer Reviews

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Great product!!


I would buy myself flowers sniff the yeah on my hand


Works great! Would like it in a silver / Gold instead of white! White looks silly with chrome or brushed chrome/gold/bronze.

David DeBuhr

Love my shower head.

Rhonda Danos
Love my shower filters

Makes such a big difference and easy to install

Shower filter

Easy installation works great!

Christina Giunta
Super Easy to Install

The Afinna Shower Filter was super easy to install and works great!

shower and water filters

excellent filtering system. and, the price is right on!

Barry McCutcheon McCutcheon
Afinna Shower Filter

The filter makes the water soft and easy on my skin.

Jena Dentone
Works well

Makes a loud noise when water pressure is turned down lower, but works well so far.