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Designed for those who want minerals back in their water, but not the higher pH. Our REMIN Ca has more of our special coral calcium and other trace elements, but is lower on the pH and antioxidant levels. If you want higher pH and more antioxidants, the REMIN pH is your answer.

pH: 8.0
Antioxidant H2: 0.3+ ppm
Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP): -300mV
Cost: $0.04 per liter
Size: 12” x 2”, includes mounting clips


What makes the REMIN different from others?

First, our ingredients. Most other products categorized as remineralization use a very cheap form of calcium called calcite. Calcite was designed for use in commercial and industrial applications to ensure low pH water would not degrade plumbing. It does increase the total dissolved solids in the water and the alkaline level, but it's not a form we should be consuming. If you have issues with low pH water in your home, then calcite is a great solution. But it’s not designed for your body’s plumbing.

Secondly, we designed the REMIN to also improve the antioxidant properties as well as taste and feel of the water. You notice the taste improvement immediately, and shortly after will experience how hydrating the water is because of its antioxidant and electrical properties. You won’t feel full and you will probably crave more initially because your body is finally experiencing true hydration. The REMIN isn’t a one trick pony. It provides comprehensive hydration.

Why is the water cloudy?

Initially, you might see some mineral sediment in the glass. That means you need to flush more water through the REMIN. After the sediment passes, the water can still be slightly cloudy, but you’ll notice it’s because of bubbles, not sediment. The bubbles are the result of the ionization process and are a sign of a very potent reaction taking place between the minerals and the water. Drink the bubbles, they are great for you. Over time this reaction will slow down a bit and the cloudiness will decrease as well. You might still see it with the first glass of the day, but with a lot of use the reaction will settle in.

How do I install the REMIN?

Our preferred recommendation is to place the REMIN just after the membrane and before the tank. You’ll need a Tee between the tank and REMIN to ensure water doesn’t flow back through it in the wrong direction as it heads to the faucet. The longer the water is in contact with the minerals, the better the performance. The REMIN comes with ¼” quick connects on each end, so you simply cut the tubing and plug it into each end. Clips are included to either mount it HORIZONTALLY on the inside of the cabinet or on top of the RO.

If access to that tubing is not possible, then you can also install it directly after the tank or final polishing filter. Again, splice it into the tubing and mount it HORIZONTALLY.

Check out the installation tab for diagrams.

What TDS can I expect?

This will vary based on where the REMIN is installed, how fast the water flows through and how much it has been used. We utilize a slow release form of the minerals, but you will still see some decline over time. The REMIN is not to be thought of as a mineral supplement. We are only making the water easier to digest and better and hydrating. On average you will see the TDS range from 80 ppm to 40 ppm.

How we Compare

REMIN Ca REMIN pH Other Brand
Drinking water pH 8.0 9.0 - 9.5 6.5 - 8.0
ORP -300 -300 to -700 +500 to +100 (all oxidizers)
Ionized/Antioxidant Yes Yes No
H2 Concentration 0.3+ ppm 0.5+ ppm None
70+ trace elements Yes Yes No
Dimensions 12" x2.5" 12" x2.5" 10”x2.5”
Filter Life 12 months 12 months 3-6 months
Price $119 $119 $25-$60
Cost to user per liter $0.04 $0.04 $0.04
Made in USA Yes Yes Maybe

Download the REMIN Guide

Will it work with my RO?

The short answer is YES! The REMIN is compatible with any RO system, it’s just a matter of where it will be positioned and spliced in. If your RO is one with proprietary filters, hidden connections and tubing or just generally hard to access and make any adjustments to (this style is becoming much more popular), then you’ll place the REMIN on the tubing that connects to the faucet. Use the included single clip and mount the REMIN horizontally.

remin diagram

If your RO allows access to tubing, the membrane, filters, etc then you can probably connect the REMIN prior to the tank. You’ll place it after the membrane and before the valve that splits water to the tank and faucet. Use the included double clip and mount the REMIN horizontally on top of the membrane.

remin diagram2

Customer Reviews

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Wife & I didn’t care for taste & are going to try running it back thru finishing filter.

Hi Steven,

Thank you for your review of the Vitev REMIN Ca. We appreciate your feedback on the mineral cartridge, and we hope you are keeping well-hydrated!

The reaction between the pure RO water and fresh minerals is incredibly efficient with a brand new REMIN cartridge, which can result in strong tastes before the reaction settles down. You may also notice some air pressure from the faucet and even cloudiness in the water early on, given the completely safe yet plentiful concentrations of hydrogen antioxidants in the water with a new cartridge.

This dissipates quickly with usage in the days and weeks following a filter change as the mineralization reaction settles down, and you can help the process along by flushing an extra 1-2 fill-ups of the RO tank. However, we recommend taking advantage of the outstanding mineralization performance by drinking lots of water in the meantime :)

Please check your inbox for a follow-up email from us at for further info, and we will do everything we can to help you get the most out of the REMIN going forward.

Vitev Customer Care


Love it ! I feel the difference working with a apec 5 stage basic RO system with this remin it works for me ! Thank u

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