MAXX - Alkaline Reverse Osmosis
MAXX - Alkaline Reverse Osmosis
MAXX - Alkaline Reverse Osmosis
MAXX - Alkaline Reverse Osmosis
MAXX - Alkaline Reverse Osmosis
MAXX - Alkaline Reverse Osmosis
MAXX - Alkaline Reverse Osmosis
MAXX - Alkaline Reverse Osmosis
MAXX - Alkaline Reverse Osmosis
MAXX - Alkaline Reverse Osmosis
MAXX - Alkaline Reverse Osmosis
MAXX - Alkaline Reverse Osmosis
MAXX - Alkaline Reverse Osmosis
MAXX - Alkaline Reverse Osmosis
MAXX - Alkaline Reverse Osmosis
MAXX - Alkaline Reverse Osmosis
MAXX - Alkaline Reverse Osmosis
MAXX - Alkaline Reverse Osmosis
MAXX - Alkaline Reverse Osmosis
MAXX - Alkaline Reverse Osmosis

MAXX - Alkaline Reverse Osmosis

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Best in Class.
The only Alkaline RO system utilizing natural, slow release minerals
Integrated mineral cartridge pre-tank to ensure the highest performance
Up to 80% less waste and 4x faster fill ups than standard ROs
Creates extremely pure, alkaline, mineral rich, antioxidant water

For optimal results, we provide hard water and soft water options.

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Features & Benefits

Alkaline: 9.5 pH Filter Life: 12 months @ 2 gallon/day
Antioxidants: -500 ORP, 0.7+ ppm H2 Size: 19”H x 14”W x 19”D
Filtration: Reverse Osmosis Warranty: Lifetime
Electrolytes: Coral Calcium, pure Mg, K, Na Included: Remin cartridge & Water Optimizer
Cost: Only $0.13/liter Made in USA: BPA Free


The Vitev Mineral Mix used in the MAXX is formulated especially for harsh RO water. We don’t use powders made from cheap ingredients meant for city and building water treatment instead of human consumption and which dissolve way too fast. Things like calcite and corosex. The type you find used by the “alkaline RO” systems on Amazon. Our minerals are designed for a long-lasting, slow release and the MAXX uses a blend of the following:

99.9% pure metallic/elemental Magnesium
Adds this vital mineral to the water and also reacts with the water to create the antioxidant/ionizing benefits. (more on this later)

Coral Calcium
The only coral in the world to earn the Eco-Safe certification. It’s harvested from the Caribbean where they use an above-the-sea technique (think of it like cutting the grass) and is a composite of 70+ additional trace minerals.

Infrared ceramics and tourmaline
They help soften the surface tension, improve taste and increase drinkability. It’s really hard to explain, but when we removed these 2 from the blend, the water just didn’t taste or feel as good.

Safety Matters:

We only utilize components and ingredients that are strictly checked for quality. Our systems are constructed with NSF certified and lead free connectors and components, BPA-free recycled plastics, Eco-safe and toxin free medias. You can’t be too careful these days.

Water Optimizer:

The Maxx includes a feature called the Water Optimizer that makes it much more efficient than other RO systems. It creates a cyclical process to pump either clean water to the tank or waste water down the drain…not both at the same time. Compared to typical RO systems, the Maxx saves 80% more water, and fills its tank 4x faster.

Over half the body is water. Don’t miss out on the easiest and best change you can make for better health! Enhanced hydration is only one step away. Even one glass of Vitev water makes a difference. Get started today!

No Water Softener? Meet the SCALE GUARD.

Why do I need the SCALE GUARD? – Unless you already have a water softener in your home, you need the water conditioned before it enters the RO system. RO membranes were designed to remove salt from seawater, not contaminants from municipal or well water. They’ve been a staple in that market for a long time with the addition of sediment and carbon prefilters, but even those will not create the optimal environment for the RO to function as it should.

RO membranes are so fine that even average concentrations of hard ions/minerals in your water cause premature clogging, more frequent filter replacements, higher amounts of water wasted and often lots of troubleshooting. One solution is to add a whole-home water softener, but they can cost thousands of dollars and will require a professional to install. For many people, that's not an option they can pursue.

Which is why we developed the SCALE GUARD.

The SCALE GUARD is a mini version of large cartridges used in commercial applications where equipment problems are expensive and a huge threat to business. We've utilized a proprietary solution and made it fit conveniently under your sink. Simply splice it into the supply line before the MAXX and enjoy all the benefits of peak performance.

How we Compare

maxx basic alkaline RO kangen

MAXX Basic Alkaline RO    Electric Water Ionizer
Eco Safe Coral Calcium
Pure Magnesium
Infrared ceramics varies 
Advanced Filtration*
Removes Fluoride
Works with all source waters
Drinking water pH 9.0 - 10.0 5.0 - 8.0 7.0 - 9.5
ORP -300 to -700 >0, damaging/oxidative +500 to -700 (requires chemical additive)
H2 Concentration 0.7+ ppm None 0.3 - 0.8 ppm, declines quickly
Filter Life 12 months Varies, but pH very short 6 months
Maintenance None None Frequent and costly cleaning
Made in USA Yes Very few No
Warranty Lifetime (on FFL) 30-days - 1 year Good luck
*200+ contaminants removed

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Key Benefits:

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Lifetime Warranty:
Your warranty is extended indefinitely for the lifetime of your membership. Normal conditions apply.

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Why Vitev alkaline water?

Water is essential to all life. We use it to stay hydrated, but can it do more for us? Yes! There are proven scientific benefits to alkaline, antioxidant water like that produced by Vitev natural ionizers. Ask us about the science behind Vitev water, or learn more here.

MAXX: everything you need for optimal hydration

Ionization: The Maxx uses the Vitev Remin mineral mix to provide best-in-class ionization performance. We have spent years perfecting the mineral mix, which allows the Maxx to produce consistently high pH, -ORP & H2 water for the filter’s entire 1 year lifespan.

Mineralization: The Maxx mineral mix is comprised of the best sources of magnesium & calcium to optimally re-mineralize RO-filtered water. It contains magnesium that is over 99.9% pure metallic Mg, an above-sea blend of coral calcium, and over 70 additional trace minerals.

RO Filtration: Nothing else compares to the filtration performance of reverse osmosis systems. The Maxx uses sediment and carbon pre-filters to protect its 0.0001 micron membrane cartridge. The results speak for itself:

Aluminum 96-98% Lead 95-98%
Ammonium 80-90% Magnesium 93-98%**
Arsenic #3 70-80% Manganese 96-98%
Arsenic #5 98% Mercury 94-97%
Bacteria 99+% Nitrate 90-95%
Bromide 90-95% Orthophosphate 96-98%
Calcium 93-98%** Pesticides 93-98%
Cadmium 93-97% Phosphate 95-98%
Chloramines 93-98% Polyphosphate 96-98%
Chloride 92-95% Potassium 92-96%**
Chlorine 95-98% Radioactivity 93-97%
Chromate 85-95% Silver 93-96%
Chromium 6 92-95% Silicate 92-95%
Copper 96-98% Silica 80-90%
Cyanide 85-95% Sodium 92-98%**
Fluoride 92-95% Sulfate 96-98%
Hardness (Ca and Mg) 93-97%** Thiosulfate 96-98%
Iron 96-98% Zinc 96-98%

**These are eliminated by the MAXX before the Mineral cartridge and an illustration of why we need to add minerals back into the water!

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Warranty & Risk-free Trial

It’s important to know that the Vitev MAXX is backed by our 100% 5-year warranty. We also offer a 30-day risk free trial. It’s never been easier to drink premium alkaline water, and you’ll never know what you’ve been missing without trying!

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